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Nirmala Peters- Mehendale , TISSian,  Behavioural Coach,  Entrepreneur, Founder Trustee - Kindness Unlimited  &  International Council Member - The World Kindness Movement

Birthdays have been a time for reflection and gratitude . 

The year 2020 is unprecedented and I have had countless moments filled with every conceivable emotion.

As I closely looked at my life , I made a list of all the people who have  loved, nurtured, mentored,  scolded, believed, hired and shared their wealth with ‘ ME’. To be fair, I also made a list of those I may have touched in some way . Both these list acted as a trigger to acknowledge the important role of  giving and receiving.

Next, I looked at the bucket list of things I wanted to do in my sunset years and laughed out loud, I have now edited that list and in making the decision about where my money goes, I have ended up with a deeper understanding of myself, what matters most and why it matters. My husband and son have been kind and supportive.

If anyone had asked me last year,  if I wanted to publicly announce my pledge to give, I would have shuddered at the very thought. It is meeting people like Venkat and others in the group that gives me the courage to share my intention and possibly help inspire others.

The dash ———— now seems more dashing 


Nirmala Peters- Mehendale

DOB : 3rd June 1963 ------------------

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