Aarav, Anoushka, Charmaine & Sudhir Shenoy - Students, Volunteer, Corporate Executive

We have been blessed with the fortune to receive gifts beyond our wildest dreams and perhaps beyond what we deserve.  Having grown up in lower middle income families we have experienced firsthand the disparity that exists in our society. Our limited experiences in philanthropy  and inspiration from icons such as Melinda & Bill Gates have taught us that the greatest source of suffering is not the inability itself, but the underlying feelings of being useless, unappreciated and unloved. It is much easier to accept the inability to see, walk, speak or feed oneself than it is to not be of some worth to another person.

The fulfilment and satisfaction of bringing meaning and purpose to the lives of others has been a far greater high than anything else life has to offer. We also believe that true philanthropy is being able to offer the best of what we have in life and not just the leftovers after giving ourselves everything and more. And the best of what we have includes our time, our experiences, our compassion and of course our wealth.

We commit to at least 50% of our time, efforts and wealth towards philanthropic causes whilst we are still on earth and hopefully a vast majority of our wealth in our will.

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Note: The contact details of the volunteers are in public domain for people who would like to pledge 50% of their wealth on livingmypromise.org. Please do not call or email asking for donations or monetary help—such requests are simply ignored.


No corporate or NGO is behind this initiative. A group of like-minded individuals have come forward with this idea. Your information will not be shared with any organisation.

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