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I was raised by grandparents who during their lifespan, gave away a substantial amount of their wealth and time to the community they came from, to build a school, hospital and colleges. We grew up distributing gifts instead of receiving them on our birthdays and all other happy or sad occassions. There has never been a choice to not share what joy we had in abundance with the rest of the world instead of wanting more for ourselves. 

For me giving back is just a way of life so the pledge seems like a no brainer to commit to since this is something I intend to do anyway.  


Bindi Dharia

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Note: The contact details of the volunteers are in public domain for people who would like to pledge 50% of their wealth on Please do not call or email asking for donations or monetary help—such requests are simply ignored.


No corporate or NGO is behind this initiative. A group of like-minded individuals have come forward with this idea. Your information will not be shared with any organisation.

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