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Philanthropy Calculator

Philanthropy Calculator

This is a simple spreadsheet to help you calculate; 
(a) how much wealth you will need to meet all your personal expenses for the rest of your life
(b) how much surplus you will be left with
(c) how much you can afford to give away.

If that number comes to anything above 40%, we would strongly urge you to consider signing up for #LivingMyPromise! 

To use this calculator, you can either DOWNLOAD IT in Excel and then edit it on your computer, OR, if you have access to Google Drive, create a copy of the calculator as a Google Sheet and work with it there. Both options are listed above and inside the sheet as well.

Pathways to Giving

This is a flowchart that shows different pathways to fulfilling one's philanthropic commitment in their lifetimes or posthumously . To download this flowchart click on the image or PDF icon below. 

Flow chart.jpg

Pathways to Giving- Pdf (Download)

 Will and Testament


How to make a will?

This document informs about list of details that you need to include in a will deed 


Will Template 

Template of a will document


Will Executor's Role

This document explains the role of the executor of the will

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