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Fiona Dias and Luis Miranda – Sexual Health Educator and Dot Connector

Fiona Dias Miranda is Director at Seeds of Awareness, 17000ft Foundation and also a sexual health educator who conducts workshops for grades 5 to 10

Luis Miranda is Chairman at CORO, Center for Civil Society, he is the Founder Director at Indian School of Public Policy. He supports several non-profits such as Educate Girls, 17000ft Foundation, SNEHA, Collective Good Foundation, Operation ASHA, Medha and Youth4Jobs

Fiona and Luis are married with two children.

We have been fortunate in many ways. But there are many who are not so lucky and we strongly believe that the lucky owe an obligation to those who are not lucky. Mahatma Gandhi said that we hold our monies in trust for others. The fact that there is extreme poverty around us is morally objectionable and we cannot sit around doing nothing about that. We don't have the means to solve all the world's problems, but we can definitely do our small bit to help reduce some of them.

We are passionately involved in a variety of causes related to education (including sex education), leadership development, free markets, mentoring, persons with disabilities, healthcare, performing arts and the environment. Our children have also played a large role in shaping some of our interests.

When we sat with them to discuss this pledge, they willingly supported it. We also strongly believe in teaching people to fish, instead of just giving them fish. That is why we look at sustainability in many of the initiatives that we are involved with.

- Fiona Dias and Luis Miranda

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