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Venkat Krishnan N – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

I've already given away more than half of everything I have earned so far, and I have no hesitation in committing at least 50% of my wealth to a cause going forward as well. More likely I will end up giving between 90-95% of my cumulative income and wealth.

To me, it is a complete no-brainer. The joy of owning a fancy shirt or trouser is nothing, compared to the joy of knowing that an old grandfather will see his granddaughter for the first time, thanks to a Rs. 2,000 cataract surgery one can sponsor instead. Or that a week-long vacation can be swapped for drinking water to an entire village for a year. Or that I could skip ONE fine dinner and feed 5 children a midday meal for an entire year.

Even more fun is when I can use my Rs. 1 to raise Rs. 10-20 for a cause. That way, a skipped dinner can feed an entire class of 50 kids! What can be more exciting!!!

I am dying to share the sheer happiness of doing what I do, with everyone else! I sincerely hope more people can experience this ecstasy I find in giving :-)!

- Venkat Krishnan

Venkat Krishnan is principal trustee at India Welfare Trust, he cofounded Eklavya School and Educational Initiatves Pvt Ltd, he also set up Give India. He now spends 90+% of his time and money to promote volunteering & giving in India. Venkat Krishnan is single

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