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Jayesh and Ashika – Social Impact Partners

Ashika Jain has earlier worked at Tata Consultancy Services.

Jayesh Jain works as a freelance consultant for a microfinance institution.

Ashika and Jayesh are married with two children.

It took some time to realize that to receive ever-present grace, I need to develop the intention of participating in opportunities (of helping everyone around) who are knocking on the door. Once I open the door, what goes out of the door will be so little to what comes inside from the door.

I have experienced many such moments in my own life. I thought of helping others and in-turn received much more. Though it does not happen at the exact same time BUT it does happen for sure. The biggest gain I got was the realization that money is just a means for a good life and not the purpose of it. So, there is no reason why I should not be a part of this movement. "LivingMyPromise" here is actually "livingmylife". Thank you Amit and Venkat for this opportunity. Regards.

- Jayesh and Ashika

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