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T V Srinivasan - Executive Coach & Community Service Volunteer

I have since childhood believed that I am privileged and blessed and that I should help those less fortunate. Also, I believe that literacy and education are one of the main drivers to enable getting a family out of the poverty cycle.

While I have been contributing financially over several years to good causes, since I retired from a corporate career, I have been devoting more time towards serving the community and supporting NGO’s in the areas of education and health.

I do this today by being a member of a local Rotary Club in Bangalore and through my interactions with friends and family that bring to my attention charitable institutions that I might support. By signing up here, I hope to be able to interact with like-minded individuals and families and leverage our learnings and experience to impact the millions vs the hundreds or thousands that my family might be able to do on our own.


- T V Srinivasan

T V Srinivasan is a retired corporate professional and currently an executive coach and community service volunteer Srinivasan is married and has one daughter who is actively engaged in social sector

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