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Tanu and Girish Batra – Yoga Teacher-Futurist and Change Seeker

Tanu Batra is an artist and a Yoga instructor from Bangalore.

LivingMyPromise was initiated by Girish Batra, he is an author and Founder of Glocal Projects. He is a Business Leader with 23 years of experience across Sales, Marketing, General Management, and Entrepreneurship in Consumer Durables, Industrial Products, and Startups

Tanu & Girish are married with one child.

India is a society of contrasts. From Antilla, the costliest home in the world, to 50% of Indians STRUGGLING, living on <$2 a day which is the UN definition of a poor family. There is very little social support system in India. Government hospitals are pathetic, government schools impart below par education in local language and ration shops/pension disbursement have long queues of seekers.


And to think of it, the probability is 0.5 (1 out of 2) for you or I to have been on either side of the poverty line. Unless a significant number of the 1% affluent class come forward and put in their time and energy to change this, the situation being born in India is a nightmarish curse for almost half of us.


Tanu and I have defined our unique form of Giving. Our giving must impact society, children, preferably rural India and should be innovative, exploiting technology to get a bigger bang from every buck. We will be personally involved in this journey and would love to invite like-minded readers to join us whenever they are ready and the above mission has a synergy to their own mission.


We promise to give back 50% of our wealth to charitable causes while we are alive or in our will.

- Tanu and Girish Batra

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