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Yogesh Parmar

Yogesh Parmar

Yogesh Parmar is Founder & Director - GameChangers, India's first & only behavioral sciences led people development enterprise. Yogesh Parmar is single

"Have been a recipient of the most precious gifts: the love of my parents, a good education, and a life that has - so far - afforded the opportunity to follow my passions. What one would call an all-round ovarian lottery and it behooves me to pay forward. For a while now, I have believed that there is no ‘other’ - that we are all in this together. This promise is a chance for me to walk that talk. The one thing that has been a perennial driver is the dream to see a fairer world and I hope to partake meaningfully in manifesting that vision.

In my growing up years, money was hard to come by, which gave me the opportunity to develop an intimate understanding of what money can enable and what a lack of it can constrain. That experience also meant that I never fully grew out of the ‘scarcity mindset’ that was a residual side-effect. This promise is an attempt to heal my relationship with money and internalising that not only do I have enough; but, more importantly, I am enough.

Finally, I consider myself a misfit in general and tend to find refuge in the camaraderie and community of like-minded people."

- Yogesh Parmar

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