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Usha and Ujwal Thakar

Usha and Ujwal Thakar

Usha Thakar is a home maker who manages her family and enjoys her time with grandchildren.

Ujwal is a board member at Educate Girls, Ummeed child development centre, Arogya World and Shoshit Sewa Kendra and is an incubating mentor for the Indian School of Democracy. He is partner at N/Core and was earlier the CEO at Pratham

Usha & Ujwal are married with two children

"Gratitude is a feeling that has enhanced as we have grown older and dwelt on the good luck that seems to have sided with us at all important points in our lives. From being born in the right enlightened homes, to getting the best education to getting the right breaks in life be they in our careers or even in our personal lives it’s been one lovely journey. Wonderful parents a great family life growing up with siblings with the security and warmth of love.. a caring educated spouse, wonderful children who have become successful professionals and good human beings are all blessings that have been bestowed on both of us. We believe that some of it was earned but much of it was just pure luck. And not everyone else has been as lucky as us. The one way of repaying the debt of the universe is giving back to make a lot of those who did not get the same share of good luck and happiness as we did.

“The LivingMyPromise pledge“ is a logical extension of this thinking. Hopefully what we give and what we leave will contribute in a very small way to making the world more equitable, a world where no child is vulnerable, hungry or unhappy a world where all humans look forward to the future with hope. Good governance, gender equality, empathy, and building enlightened youth are the multiple paths to making this happen. We would like to do our bit to contribute in these spaces besides perpetuating memory of our parents who laid the foundations to where we were able to make the best of the opportunities that came our way."

- Usha & Ujwal Thakar

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