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Upendra Bhatt

Upendra Bhatt

Sustainability Advisory and Cleantech Investments

My journey so far has been blessed with shelter, opportunity and enriching companionship; one can’t but simply thank one’s ‘stars’ given the inequity in the world around us. This inequality (really an outcome of birth in most cases) has always made me wonder as to how I can contribute to make it less so.

Growing up in a middle class family, I had the opportunity umpteen number of times to see the family express gratitude for what we had and always willing to support any who sought help or needed support. It was never seen as ‘Giving’ – it was simply the thing to do !

Having been fortunate to be accorded educational and professional opportunities, over time, I have come to realize that beyond enabling similar opportunities for my son, we have enough to provide for our current needs (and retirement) as a family and hence glad to contribute to chip away at this inequity.

In addition to education, I am mostly driven to support health, elderly care, social activism and cultural efforts. I currently give about 15% of my annual earnings and am only happy that I can commit to taking this to 50%+ over the years.

- Upendra Bhatt

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