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Shridhar Sethuram

Shridhar Sethuram

Shridhar Sethuram is Private Equity Investor with diverse Board & CEO experience. Shridhar is married. He doesn't have children


While exploring the nooks and corners of life, one realizes that the most important mandatory acquisition, to live a teflon-coated journey through life's vicissitudes, is your 'Dharma' balance -The balance of unsolicited gratitude that comes your way from people, esp. strangers, whose lives you have impacted and brought joy, This is possibly more valuable and useful than even a billion dollars in the bank.

Sharing your divine grace (not so much money but also your thoughts, experiences , network and time) is the best multibagger investment I have ever made. Inspiring other souls to enrich their lives ( be it in PE , backpacking, marathon, cycling meditation,entrepreneurship or philanthropy) has helped discover nuances in the meaning of my favorite word 'Serendipity'

When you look around, all parents assiduously save for their progenyy and family. However ironically, the wealth, more often than not, goes waste. Either the inheritors are fighting over it or feeling jealous over the allocation or have no use for it or worse,it goes to their heads and leads them into a wastrel life filled with vices or hubris. So might just be prudent to use it to improve life of others and bequeath 'Dharma' balance into accounts of your family. And since its your hard earned wealth, it may just prudent to give most of it away while alive and enjoy the bliss yourself.

In a country like India, it is impossible for the government alone to eradicate poverty, The only solution is for private philanthropy to dedicate capital to focused efforts which provide education,skills, health and dignity to people less privileged than us.

Hence happy to publicly announce the living pledge. Am sure there are so many like me, who avoid the limelight and are reluctant to come public. The prospect of inspiring others, esp. those who may not have thought of afterlife and/or purpose of life, to do the same, should be sufficient rewards to overcome all trepidation."

- Shridhar Sethuram

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