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Revati Sharma Singh

Revati Sharma Singh

Revati Sharma Singh is an autodidact artist based in London who works with assemblages of ceramic, cast metal, hand made silver, tapestry, embroidery and paint. Revati is married and has two children

"I’ve been painting for 20 years now. I paint because it is a medium for me to express my emotions, thoughts, experiences, spiritual longings and frustrations at the state of the world. Through color and the play of light and darkness, I thought I could make the world a more beautiful place. I could share my earnings with whomever I wanted to. I used to paint to live and to give and now I paint because I have no choice. It is like breathing or eating or sleeping. When I don’t paint, I am lost.

Life is up and down for all of us. Yet many of us have the luxury of security. We have a safety net - knowing no matter how bad things get, we will be ok. And then there are millions who don’t have that. Millions who can’t afford to stay at home if they fall sick or treat a loved one in a hospital without incurring huge amounts of debts. Millions who don’t have access to proper food and water let alone proper nutrition and health care. There is a lot to be done and nearly not enough of us to do it.

But I think it’s movements like this one that can be game changers. I was hesitant at first to broadcast this but I was inspired by Amit and Venkat and so today I am standing with them to say that I will happily donate 50% of the money I earn from my art in my life time and I am privileged to have the opportunity to do so."

- Revati Sharma Singh

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