Priti and Avinash Jhangiani

Banking and Wealth Management professional & Social Entrepreneur and Innovation Consultant

Priti is Vice President at Campden Family Connect, A Patni Family Office & Campden Wealth UK Alliance. 15 years of experience in Banking and Wealth Management in USA and India with companies such as HSBC. Avinash is founder CEO Play2Transform and Curator of India's first Book of Dreams. Former CIO of Reliance Mediaworks, Managing Director - Digital, Omnicom with 20+ years of experience in USA and India. Priti and Avinash are married with one child.

"After returning from the US in 2011, we have happily invested significant amount of our time and money in serving the children and senior citizens of our country.

Something keeping us awake at night – “Why is a student committing suicide every hour if education is the key to success?” In the digital era, we believe there is a need for "quality" education. We want to help children stay relevant in the world of growing uncertainty and become the best version themselves.

While developing design thinking and creativity skills for underprivileged children, we realized that they aren’t even allowed to dream in the first place! So we ran a large social initiative with many NGOs to capture dreams of 15,000 children visualizing the future of India and curated India's first ‘Book of Dreams’ that carries a foreword by Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi. ​

By pledging to give away 50%+ of our wealth, we aim to continue making a difference in the lives of India’s future (children) as well as provide the love, respect and care that our senior citizens truly deserve. We hope to inspire others with this life-long promise."

- Priti & Avinash Jhangiani

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