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Mudar Patherya

Mudar Patherya

Communication Professional

Pledge: We pledge to give away more than 50 per cent of our wealth to philanthropic causes while we live.

Rationale: One, because we have more than enough for our lifetimes based on our moderate spending habits coupled with no financial liabilities. Two, it is unlikely that modern medicine will prolong our life to 763 years for which we might need to keep cash in the till (after factoring for inflation). Three, our children’s education should translate into remunerative careers for them so they are likely to build their lives with intangibles provided than tangibles inherited. Four, return on capital employed will be higher in the hands of the marginalised than in our own. Five, we have run out of space for material possessions at home. Six, we poached well from the teachings, experiences and encouragement of others; we are paying forward. Seven, we are yet to figure a way to transfer cash to wherever we are dispatched after we have passed away.

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