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Mohan Sundaram

Mohan Sundaram

Mohan Sundaram is Hon. President and Trustee at The Association of People with Disability, Bangalore. He is CEO & Founding Director at ARTILAB Foundation, a first of its kind incubator worlwide and ecosystem builder for Assistive and Rehabilitation Healthcare Solutions. He has been and continues to be a mentor at NSRCEL/IIM Bangalore since 2009.

"Despite being a person in a wheelchair, I've had access to the best of education and access to everything else the world has to offer. The six years that I've spent in the social sector have been far more satisfying and impactful than the 30 years preceding that in the corporate and commercial sector. The social work space needs a lot of resources both in money and kind to be able to make the lives of the underprivileged and marginalised better.

Would like to do my bit in this collaborative leadership effort. Just effort is insufficient. This space needs a lot of unfettered money, rarely available from other sources except individual giving. This is why I would like to commit 50% of my wealth to charity"

- Mohan Sundaram

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