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Meena and V Raghunathan

Meena and V Raghunathan

Meena Raghunathan is Director, Community Services at GMR Varalakshmi Foundation

V Raghunathan is Director at Indian Campus of Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. He was the Chief Executive - GMR Varalakshmi Foundation

Meena is married to Raghunathan. They don't have children

"Typically, most of us educate our children well and often they may be well-settled, needing little of our support for an economically secure life, even after us. Some of us may have no children, so that we often wonder how best to secure our wealth meaningfully after us, because not all of us need to leave all our wealth to our children or immediate families in our life time or after we pass away.

We can see our wealth being put to meaningful use in our life time or after by contributing or willing away a slice of our wealth to a cause of our choice for the larger good. The need, benefits or the satisfaction arising from such a move need hardly be gainsaid.

While giving away wealth during one’s life time involves fewer challenges, executing a will after one passes away imposes many challenges of execution. We believe that a collective initiative is a very effective way of ensuring a wider movement that would not only make giving a way of life for more and more successful people, but also secure the execution of their wills in a sustainable way."

- Meena and V Raghunathan

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