Malati Majumdar

Given up services in Financial Services from August 15, 2015.

The definition of the word “Energy” is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work.  The “dharma of energy” or “law of being” meaning “that which makes a thing or being what it is”:
- Energy cannot be created or destroyed
- Energy must be transferred in order to work

Wealth is a source of “potential” energy and for it to work it must flow…...we are but mere custodians of wealth….it is just my humble endeavour to find causes that will be well served by the transference of wealth. It is in giving that we receive.

As I solemnly make this pledge today, I pray for guidance, support for my intention(s) to manifest: So help me God!

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Note: The contact details of the volunteers are in public domain for people who would like to pledge 50% of their wealth on Please do not call or email asking for donations or monetary help—such requests are simply ignored.


No corporate or NGO is behind this initiative. A group of like-minded individuals have come forward with this idea. Your information will not be shared with any organisation.

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