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Kiran Chainani and Sunil Chainani

Kiran Chainani and Sunil Chainani

Yoga evangelist & Mentor and Angel Investor

"Kiran and I have been among the more fortunate in the country to enjoy a good education that led us on to successful careers - many others have been less fortunate. We would love to see many more Indians get an opportunity to have similar or more success, and hope our small contribution will help a few in this direction. We know our contribution is just a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts and we hope many more will join us.

Signing up with Livingmypromise is great as we have the flexibility to choose the groups we support and the timing of our contribution - it will give us great joy if we find that we have been able to help a few Indians lead a better life."

- Kiran Chainani & Sunil Chainani

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