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Gita Nayyar

Gita Nayyar

Senior Finance Professional/Board Member

"Our ancient texts gave us the wisdom of the joy of giving, sharing and compassion for the whole world. As a society we seem to have forgotten some of these basic teachings. A life well lived is one where we have lent a helping hand to others whose voice is often not heard. While I am humbled by so many who have devoted their life to the service of others, I do believe our generation of Indians could do a lot more for charity.

Life has given me many opportunities. I was blessed to be born into a family which could give me the education and support to achieve my potential and create some wealth. I would like to try and make my own small contribution to help others who lack this opportunity and contribute to create a more equitable and just society .

I therefore want to pledge I will give 50 % of the wealth I create either in my lifetime or my will to charity."

-Gita Nayyar

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