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Ekta Gupta and Akarsh Gupta

Ekta Gupta and Akarsh Gupta

Commodity Trader & Green Energy Entrepreneur

"I started my business in clean energy as the effects of the activities of mankind were visible while I was growing up. Rampant urbanisation, industrialisation and exploitation of natural resources has affected both flora and fauna of our planet. New Delhi, the city I call my home is considered to be one of the most polluted in the world and I could see its impacts on our everyday lives. Human development and industrialisation cannot be stopped, efforts can be made to study and mitigate and develop new technologies which can help us in living in a sustainable manner.

A lot of research funds are required to carry out these studies and local schools & universities need to be encouraged and funded to take on these studies. A lot of emphasis also needs to be given on encouraging local sustainable practises and generating the energy locally.

I pledge to devote my energy and resources towards this goal of encouraging sustainable development and towards leaving this planet a better place than I had inherited."

- Ekta Gupta & Akarsh Gupta

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