Arun Wakhlu

Instrument of Love

When we wake up to who we really are, we see that we are wholeness: infinite love,peace, silence and abundance. We also see that Life is happening in just this one moment. This is the time to be loving, giving, celebrating. The larger purpose of life (our Dharma) to awaken to and BE this wholeness. Within this larger and universal context, the purpose of this body mind (my Swadharma) , with its unique gifts and strengths , is to use these gifts, talents, experiences and connections to serve the awakening of others…to serve their reclaiming of wholeness, so that they can be one with the miracle of Life, lead lives of joy, peace and abundance and serve others to do the same.

It is in this context, that I have already donated 50% of my current wealth to the Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership, and to the Pragati Foundation. Both Non Profit organisations are aimed at catalysing joy, peace and abundance for all on Earth.

Having been blessed with the gifts of Leadership Development, Facilitation from the Heart, Design of Social Architecture, Writing , Speaking, Theatre, Dance and Painting, I intend to use my gifts to unfold One Wholesome World.

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Note: The contact details of the volunteers are in public domain for people who would like to pledge 50% of their wealth on Please do not call or email asking for donations or monetary help—such requests are simply ignored.


No corporate or NGO is behind this initiative. A group of like-minded individuals have come forward with this idea. Your information will not be shared with any organisation.

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