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Archana and Vinod Kulkarni

Archana and Vinod Kulkarni

Homemaker and CSR Professional

"To give, it is not required to have wealth, it requires a large heart. I have seen many people with limited resources give lavishly their time, skills, knowledge, etc. Giving 15 day's a year is done by farmers and poor people for a pilgrimage by walking to Pandharpur in Maharashtra. They are immersed in devotion for Lord Vitthala, the deity of Pandharpur, through the journey but they don't take darshan of the Lord when they reach the town. This ritual has a great lesson for giving--Give 15 valuable days despite losing wages and also seek nothing in return not even Lord's Darshan. For me it's a great gesture of giving and only possible if one has a large heart and immense faith. So many privileged like us have so much resources but only a lucky few have been bestowed with a large heart. We feel we are lucky to have one."

- Archana and Vinod Kulkarni

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