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Amith Prabhu

Amith Prabhu

Amith Prabhu is Founding Dean at SCoRe - School of COmmunication & REputation for Post-Graduation, Co-creator, PRAXIS & Founder trustee at The PRomise Foundation, a unique non-profit created by PR practitioners

"Why am I making this promise? I have come to believe that we come with nothing and we go with nothing. We are merely custodians of materials that we either earn or inherit. We have to protect and preserve what we have for future generations and especially for the needy and less privileged. Not necessarily our family. I have a strong affinity towards individual social responsibility and I feel strongly towards eradicating poverty. The only way to do so is for individuals to come together for a new freedom struggle in India and across the world by giving generously. Every moment I spend working hard convinces me that the money I earn will take care of my basic needs and also provide for someone more deserving than I am. Life is uncertain, and we often regret not being able to do certain things when we are nearing our end. I want to take the giving pledge of the ordinary citizen and ensure that at least one of the two houses that I own which is worth more than Rs 50 lakh is sold either during my lifetime or after my death and the proceeds used for worthy causes which I will list in my will."

- Amith Prabhu

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