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Akshita Jain and Chet Jainn

Akshita Jain and Chet Jainn

Akshita is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Expert and a clinical cosmetologist.

Chet Jainn is a serial entrepreneur and currently CEO, Founder at crowdera, a free crowdfunding platform that supports social impact and innovation serving individuals, non-profit organizations and social innovators

Akshita and Chet Jainn are married with one child

"We have strong belief in the power of unconditional giving in creating abundance around us. We have personally lived this experience and its time for us to lead by example. We did it when we entirely funded & built Crowdera, our promise to give a forever fee-free platform for compassionate fundraising to the world.

Now we have just given it a structure by pledging 50% of whatever wealth we have and will build to the initiatives that matter the most towards betterment of the life on this planet. We are doing it ourselves and trying to influence other changemakers via our foundation initiatives.

The principle is very simple. Know the cause you want to support, build an audacious dream for that cause, and pledge a part of your wealth or earnings or equity to make it happen. Universe will take care if the rest, if your giving goals are achieved your personal and professional goals will exceed and excel.

Living My Promise is an amazing initiative and is in perfect alignment with what we want to achieve."

- Chet Jainn & Akshita Jain

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