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Pramod Bhasin, Corporate Leader

Our world has thrived on wealth creation and free markets which have lifted millions out of poverty—and yet we are also judged, too often, primarily on the basis of money. Tragically it has become the visible sign of Success or Failure and a completely lopsided social standing—and it provides an unfair advantage to those privileged enough to have it.

This begs the question of whats the ultimate objective of Wealth Creation ? The process of wealth creation is critical and should be celebrated because of its impact on society—and the creators encouraged to do more. But once you have it —what happens next? Surely there is a higher purpose than just possessing it, specially in these difficult times when the disparities in society are displayed so vividly in our faces.

Perhaps the best answer is to demonstrate that it is after all, only a means to an end —and for many aspects of our lives, entirely meaningless. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this is to give it away—to help solve difficult problems and create lasting social impact.

I am blessed that both my daughter and partner, who would have been the prime beneficiaries, are such enthusiastic supporters of this move. And if it serves to send a message that the sheer possession of wealth by itself, without a higher objective, is meaningless, then it will have served its purpose.

I feel very privileged to join this group.

-Pramod Bhasin

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