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Meenakshi Ramesh and Ramesh Mangaleswaran – Social Entrepreneur and Senior Partner in a Global Firm

Meenakshi Ramesh is trustee at Oorvani Foundation, a non profit trust that develops and promotes deep-diving journalism on governance, citizenship and society. She is flagbearer at Citizen Matters Chennai, passionate volunteer for 'kuppai' (garbage) cleaning and other civic initiatives

Ramesh Mangaleswaran is Director and a Founding Partner of McKinsey’s locations in Chennai and Bangalore. He IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. He actively contributes to non-profit organizations in the education and disability fields and serves on the boards of the Pratham Education Foundation and the Pratham Skills Institute

Meenakshi and Ramesh are married with two children

In our time at IIMA, India embarked on a transformation and we were among the fortunate few who benefited immediately, and immensely, from the opportunities that this presented us.

We have received so much more than we had ever dreamed of, and so much more than we need. Hearts filled with gratitude, we commit to giving back to India and her citizens.

- Meenakshi Ramesh and Ramesh Mangaleswaran

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