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Director, Actor & Philanthropist
Date: Aug 22nd, 2020 between 11 am - 12pm 

About Rahul Bose 

Called the ‘Indian art house icon’, by TIME magazine, Rahul Bose won the Best Actor award at the Singapore Film Festival in 2000  and the runner-up prize - the John Schlesinger Award for Best Debut  Director in 2002 for ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine!’.

His awards include : Indian Youth Icon of the Year - Social Justice, the Green Globe award for Climate Change, the Lt. Governor’s Commendation Award for Services to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Hakim Khan Sur award for National Integration and GQ’s Man of the Year for Social Justice.

In 2017, Rahul directed and produced his second film, ‘Poorna’. The film won two awards at festivals in Melbourne and Dublin. Rahul has lectured on leadership, gender justice and cinema at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and MIT, amongst others. Indian rugby's most recognisable face, Rahul represented India, playing 17 internationals from 1998 to 2009.

Rahul has founded two NGOs : The Foundation, dedicated to the equalisation of opportunity through education and HEAL, working to prevent child sexual abuse. Rahul has currently acted in the lead roles of a major Netflix series as well as an original motion picture also for Netflix. Both are due for release in 2020.

Rahul Bose's Pledge
"When I started The Foundation, I didn’t consciously calculate I would give over 50% of my income to the cause of raising and educating children from marginalised areas so that 17 years down the line they would shape the model of development they felt was best for the lands they came from. It was simply an urge to raise and hopefully equalise developmental indicators in those marginalised areas to reflect what we see in parts of the country that have progressed satisfactorily. It so transpired that, especially in the first 7-8 years I had to fund the program largely with my own resources. That has lessened over time but in totality my contribution has been and perhaps even exceeded half of what the program has needed. I am a single man and don’t have the financial obligations that nurturing a family entails. The kids (and by extension, their parents) are my family. And the model of The Foundation is to see a more equal and more crucially, a more equitable India. I can’t think of a better way to spend the money I earn as an actor and a director. It certainly gives me the sweetest sleep at night!"

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