Balaji Sampath – Founder AID INDIA and AhaGuru

When we are born, nature gives us the gift of time. We have some control and choice over how we spend this time. The choices we make influences our experiences, in turn influencing our attitude and understanding of the world around us. The choice of how we use our time makes its maximum impact on us.


Unlike time, money is an artificial human construct. At a deeper level, individuals cannot "own" money. They have merely been given control over the use of the money, hoping they will use the money wisely for larger social good. This is probably what Gandhiji referred to as "trusteeship" of money. As we are "trustees" of the money that society has given to us, the question each of us needs to answer is how well have we spent the money in our custody on making the world a better place.


So, I pledge that I will continuously use the money in my "trusteeship" for making the world a better place while I am alive. And, when it is time for me to die, I will transfer the money to social initiatives that make the world a better place.

- Balaji Sampath

Balaji Sampath is the CEO at AID INDIA, through which they reach the poorest implementing programs on Education, Housing & Integrated Village Development. He is the Founder of Aha Guru an online coaching platform where several students successfully got placed in IITs across India. Balaji is married. He doesn't have children.

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