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Sunita Sharma & Deepak Sharma

Sunita Sharma & Deepak Sharma

Serving Medical Professional & Voluntary Social Service

Sunita is a serving medical professional and Deepak is a full volunteer for the last 8 years with Udayan Care a 27-year-old NGO. Prior to this, he spent 31 years in Corporate across the public sector, MNCs, and Indian Corporate. Today Deepak is a Trustee on the Board of Udayan Care. They have a son who is married and settled.

"We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to God for guiding our lives and thoughts over the years enabling us to reach where we are today. We definitely owe a lot to life by giving back to society. Here I would like to quote a phrase by Mother Teresa (my life’s inspiration) which I read in my mid-30s - "GIVE, BUT GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS”. We strongly believe that for India to become a developed nation from a developing nation, girls’ education will continue to play a key role. We are publicizing it for others to get inspired and motivated. We wish this tribe grows exponentially. We promise to give back 50% of our wealth to charitable causes after both of us leave the world."

- Sunita Sharma & Deepak Sharma

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