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Ashwini Srinivas & Dr Srinivas Chunduru

Ashwini Srinivas & Dr Srinivas Chunduru

Partner- Vans Investments & Founder Vans Group - Vans Investments | Vans Skilling and Advisory | Mindful e- commerce

It is our humble attempt to give back to the society and contribute to a stronger India. We come from humble origin middle class background and god has been kind on us. This would not have been possible without support of many people, who have supported us unconditionally and without any expectation. This is a small way to say thank you to that eco system, which helped us. One of the inspiration is also my father, who is a pensioner and over 95% of his pension and net worth (whatever a humble govt employee has) he uses for creating a positive impact in the education system in our village (a class C town in AP), the impact in terms of development of the village, outlook of people and progress for over last 20 years is amazing.

We wish and hope that our future generations also follow and continue this. We are keenly interested to contribute in the field of improving education. We have another 30+ years of active work life and we will continue to strive and work hard and add to this kitty over the next 3 decades. Touching the lives of a million students through a structural and sustainable manner is our vision.

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