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Vijay Nadkarni

Vijay Nadkarni

Practitioner and trainer in the Social Sector

I feel I have been fortunate enough to be blessed in life with circumstances which
allowed me to learn, grow and attain a fairly secure and – in relation to my needs and
aspirations – a comfortable lifestyle. It was not that I was born in a wealthy or elite
family – far from it. However, the family background and social factors were such
that I was provided with opportunities for growth. I feel indebted to society in general
and various individuals and organisations in particular which contributed to my

While I have reasons to be grateful for all my blessings, I find that there are many
persons, especially children and young adults, who can similarly blossom into
individuals capable of leading a secure and contented life while contributing to
society in various ways but who would need to be provided with the requisite support
and would need to get equipped to realise their potential. My interactions with various
such people have made me aware of the wide gulf between lifestyles of different
sections of society which are today like islands interacting with each other only for
the purpose of exchange of services and commerce. I think I could contribute my bit
to bridge the gulf to whatever extent possible. It is now time to start giving back.

I could easily feel entitled to use the wealth I have earned, after years of toil and a
relatively thrifty lifestyle, for a more luxurious and rich living and could feel that I
have earned it. However, it would be more satisfying to see a few lives experiencing a
change for the better and it would be a more fruitful use of my wealth.

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