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Sunil K Goyal

Sunil K Goyal

Venture Capitalist

In Feb’2002, I was on the roadshow for an IPO in New York. Post a busy day, four of us, including two bankers, were enjoying a casual dinner. Looking at one of the bankers' experiences and maturity – an Australian, let us call him Richard. I inquisitively asked how much saving one needs to retire and live happily ever after. Richard gave me a number in USD and explained how this is sufficient to live in any part of the world.

By 2010 at the age of 42, I reached that mark and took a sabbatical to seek what I loved to do most in my life. During the sabbatical, we pledged that the earnings beyond this mark would be kept for creating impact and executing a 'Registered WILL' for my wife and me to donate 60% of the wealth for the poor's education. And recently, in 2020, we decided to support digital education during our lifetime. In my profession as a Venture Capitalist, we can earn in multiples. Hence, I will feel privileged to donate maybe 90% of the wealth as I only need to retain the apartment that we live in for my family and a fixed deposit that can take care of our apartment's maintenance expenses.

I hope this pledge continues to guide me, my family and many others.

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